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Top 5 Jewelry To Wear With Beachsuits

Finally, a bright and cheerful summer is here; it's time for vibrance, hope, fun, and limitless enjoyment. This is the time of the year to get a fine suntan while sipping on chilled margaritas, sitting on the sea beach, or maybe on a poolside. So picture this; there is a beach theme party and you wear a beach suit, get your shades, apply sunscreen, pair up the outfit with accessories; and that's it, you are all set to hit the sand. Sunday brunch at beaches, chilling with friends, basking in the sunshine, which means it is time to unwrap your swimsuits, and don't forget to open your accessories collection, because only a piece of simple jewelry could breathe the essence of fashion.

No matter if you unearth a completely new series of vibrant swimsuits or you are struggling to find an old one, which has gone in-depth of your cupboard due to the lazy winters. It will not give you a complete look without minimal accessories. The jewelry is something that can give an Instagrammable twist to your look. Whatever swimsuit you opt for, we suggest this summer nail it with some tantalizing diamond jewelry. Wait a minute! Did you just say "but it's not the trend"? We say, why be a part of some orthodox trend when you can create a new one? This summer, be the trendsetter of your beach chilling squad with some ravishing and minimalistic diamond jewelry.

So before going ahead, let's check a few types of beach suits and what type of diamond jewelry you can wear with them.

Bikini: So when we say beachwear first, the preliminary thing that is stuck on our mind is a bikini. That is the best to flaunt your summer shine. So to be a bikini babe, complete your radiant makeover with a flexible diamond bracelet, or maybe with tennis bracelets. It will give you a kind of a sporty feeling and also a sophisticated modern look.

Maxi dress: This is a new trend when it comes to beachwear. Especially color combos like white-yellow or white-pink, or maybe floral prints could be a nice choice. Just give it a touch of sizzle with a bezel set diamond necklace or maybe with a solitaire necklace.

Ruffle suits: If you have an immense knack for ruffles, then you have an option to go for ruffle swimsuits. Pair up the ruffles with a simple diamond earring. With ruffles, a bracelet and necklace might not get a proper chance to show the brilliance, but an earring can't refrain from showing charisma.

Monokinis: This is also a type of bikini, but it is skimpier and has a V-cut bottom. A station bracelet or a finger ring could be a proper choice to keep the crux of beachy vibes.

If you are an explorer, then you can also do a bit of mix and match with your swimsuits. but what makes the most of your time, is the perfect selection. In such huge waves of options, we tend to be lost and end up choosing the wrong one. That is why Diamond Collection, Inc. has brought a specially designed collection of diamond jewelry, that is handpicked only for your beachwear.

Dangle Station Necklace

If you are going for layered necklaces, then start nuance layering with this dangle station necklace. This necklace features calm, poised, and elegant teardrops, hanging from the gold chain. The teardrops are nothing but some beautiful pear shaped diamonds. If you wanna go for a no makeup look, then opt for only this necklace, because stacking could make your neck messy.

dangle station necklace
Dangle Station Necklace

Amor Diamond Necklace

“Amor” is basically a Spanish word, which means love. The word is derived from the Latin word “ amare”, which means to love, and also in Italy they “amore” to indicate love. This Amor diamond necklace features every letter arranged through your slender neckline. Each word is inscribed with some fancy round cut diamonds.

 Amor diamond necklace
Amor Diamond Necklace

Petite Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings

If you wanna pair up a beach bodycon with some diamond jewelry, then opt for these Petite solitaire diamond stud earrings. These vintage earrings feature square cut solitaires, revealing elegance and chastity at their best. This diamond earring is also available in rose, yellow, and white gold.

 Petite solitaire diamond stud earrings

Petite Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings

14k Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet was first observed as a trend after Chris Evert’s prolific match, where she stopped the game after losing her expensive bracelet. This 14k gold diamond tennis bracelet features a chain-like bracelet with a strong clasp. The bracelet is designed with six sparkling diamonds.

 14k gold diamond tennis bracelet

Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Vertical Diamond Bar Pendant Necklace

This Vertical diamond bar pendant necklace features three vertical diamond studded bars, hanging horizontally from the 14k gold chain. The necklace goes best with a two-piece swimsuit, and also if you wanna pair it up with a plunge neck bralette and shorts, it might be a really nice experiment.

 Vertical diamond bar pendant necklace

Vertical Diamond Bar Pendant Necklace

Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

If you wanna beckon the quintessence of tradition, then you can go for a fusion look with your beachwear. Pair up your one-piece suit with this pave diamond engagement ring. This ring has 3 rows, studded with white diamonds and the center is reflecting a vintage vibe, with a round cut solitaire. 

 pave diamond engagement ring

Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

So these were some fascinating diamond pieces to pair up with your beach costume. But there are some precautions that you need to take. Avoid playing much with sand and also avoid wearing jewelry while dipping into the sea or swimming. Regarding the quality, it's not a big deal, because we only use certified and 100% high-quality diamonds. 


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