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Top 5 Diamond Fine Jewelry To Revive Traditional Charm

The evolution:

The trend of wearing body adornments started at least 7,000 years ago; even archeologists had found evidence of wearing bracelets in ancient civilization. The only matter lies in the material; at that time people used to use natural elements like leaves, feathers, twigs and now people use expensive materials like gold, diamond, etc.

Diamonds could be a woman's apple of the eye in her whole wardrobe. And why not? Because no matter what happens, the brilliance of diamonds can never subdue any woman's personality. They not only look more beautiful but also their confidence and aura get the hype. Though diamonds are now located all over the world, earlier India was the country where it all began. In India, for the first time a piece of raw diamond was discovered and at that time it was not adorned for beauty or durability, but for its capability to refract light, which made this gem suitable for talismans and decorations. With the changing times, diamonds started being used for different purposes. Even in the Dark Ages people used to say that diamonds have medicinal value. Even in the Middle Ages Diamonds were used to treat some specific diseases.

For 1,000 years India was the only market for diamonds, but in 327 BC, the king of Macedon Alexander for the first time brought diamonds to Europe. Centuries later, in 1074, for the first time diamonds were incorporated in the Hungarian queen's crown with another precious gemstone. Then the world had to wait for another 300 years for the discovery of point-cut shapes while reducing the waste.

After the innovation of point cut, the world of jewelry started developing rapidly. The adaptation of new fashion started growing pretty fast. In 1477 for the first time, the diamond rings were exchanged. Mary of Burgundy received a diamond ring from Archduke Maximilian of Austria. And this was the inception of proposing your partner with a diamond. But still, there is another side of the story, which says that during the Egyptian civilization, husbands used to give diamond eternity bands to their wives as a symbol of love and warmth.

What do diamonds symbolize?

For decades our loved ones have been acknowledged with expensive and fancy diamond jewelry. It is also believed that for the first time when the diamond eternity ring was made, the main purpose of the design was to mimic the act of a snake consuming its tail. In some cultures, this image is referred to as "Ouroboros", which means eternal love. Also in Egyptian civilization people, especially Pharaohs, used to engrave their names on diamond jewelry and pass it through their heirloom to indicate the significance of pride and culture.

So today, Diamond Collection is here with a tinge of nostalgia, where we would celebrate the prestige and honor that this particular stone has faced for decades.

Round Halo Engagement Ring

This round halo engagement ring consists of a secure halo setting, which means your dear gems are always secured by a round melee, studded with some small and sparking stones. This 2 carat round halo engagement ring features a simple and traditional round cut diamond in the middle. The sparkling circle around the solitaire is enhancing its mystic charm. This 18k gold engagement ring pacifies the perpetual love, trust and bonding that we all share with our families. Also this ring could be a great example to set a new family trend. 

round halo engagement ring

Diamond Platinum Wedding Ring

This perennial Diamond platinum wedding ring is encrusted with some gracious and lustrous white diamonds. This platinum wedding has a very generic and modern touch, but it also revamps the old gold charm in you. The platinum diamond wedding ring’s sparkle is beyond explanatory; the moon-beaming charm of the diamond not only makes you look beautiful but also soothes your eyes.

diamond platinum wedding ring

14k Gold Hoop Earrings

These 14k gold hoop earrings are a suitable example for fusion fashion. These 14k yellow gold hoop earrings are also available in white and rose gold. The vibrance and brilliance of diamonds breathes eccentricity and talks about the old essence at its best. These hoop earrings feature an oval loop that is embedded with glamorous full cut white diamonds.

14k gold hoop earrings

Diamond Station Necklace

This dangling and quintessential diamond station necklace is an epitome of grace and poise. This white gold diamond station necklace is also available in yellow and rose gold. The station necklace embodies a dainty gold chain, and 5-6 teardrop shaped diamonds hanging like beads around your neck.

diamond station necklace

Diamond Bar Necklace

This diamond bar necklace graciously sits around your slender neckline. This white gold diamond bar necklace is also available in yellow and rose gold. This necklace features a vertical bar that is embedded with a series of full cut diamonds. The exemplary spark of the diamonds help alleviate the wearer’s bold charm and attributes.

diamond bar necklace

So these were some hand picked recommendations from our side, which will help you to put a traditional look, but also can be better if you add a modern vibe to it. For more such adornments please do visit our official website. 


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