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Significance of Fine Jewelry : Everything You Would Like to Know!

What is fine jewelry?

Fine jewelry is generally made of precious alloy metals and semi-precious gemstones for example Gold, silver platinum, ruby, sapphires, topaz, and many more. Wearing finely casted jewelry must be a rewarding experience for all the ladies. Fine jewelry helps everyone carry out their personality comfortably because it comes in every size, shape, and design. Fine jewelry is highly appreciated for its beauty, significance, elegance, and endurance. Fine jewelry could also be considered heirloom jewelry. Earlier royal families had the practice of passing heirloom jewelry to generations to maintain pride and heritage. 

Fine jewelry will never tarnish if taken care of properly because it is made of solid and authentic jewelry. Along with longevity fine jewelry has a distinct advantage because it can be resized, reshaped, and repaired if broken. So we need to worry at all while using it regularly. Fine jewelry is often passed as heirloom jewelry. For example: In Egyptian culture Pharaohs used to engrave special stones on their rings and used to pass them to generations as a sign of culture and heritage. Our finely casted rings like Sleek Diamond Hoop Earrings or Round Diamond Wedding Ring could be perfect to buy for a wedding. 

How to clean fine jewelry?

Maintaining and nurturing fine jewelry is very important. Every stone and jewelry has its cleaning regimen. People have a preconceived notion that maintaining expensive fine jewelry is a matter of hassle, but it’s not. There are some homemade remedies, which will help you preserve fine jewelry for a long time.

Diamonds are strong, but still susceptible to danger. To maintain the glow of diamond all you need is a quarter a cup of Ammonia solution or detergent dish wash and one cup of lukewarm water. Soak your favorite diamond jewelry for 20-30 minutes and rub it with a toothbrush. But don’t do it vigorously or put any pressure because then it can leave marks on your ornament.

While for diamonds it’s always lukewarm water for other gemstones mild soaps and detergents in cool water are always recommendable. Every gemstone has its own do’s and don’ts for cleaning. While for pearls, silver, and diamond steaming is a big no-no, for Aquamarine, Alexandrine, Rhodium, Ruby, Sapphire steaming could be the best option. If not the solution then lint-free towels or clothes made from microfiber is also important.

Gold is generally polished especially in the jewelry shops, but at home also it’s possible with a chamois cloth. Also, a mixture of soap, a few drops of ammonia and lukewarm water is good to remove the tarnish on your jewelry. Even to clean our minimalistic ornaments like Round Diamond Halo Stud Earrings or 14k Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet a few drops of ammonia solution and even a little soap water spray would be enough.

Where to buy fine jewelry?

Buying the perfect fine jewelry is not everyone’s cup of tea. To examine the purity of gemstones you need the eyes of an Eagle. This jewelry is like your one-time investment, which could be used for decades. So while taking such an important decision don’t you think you need some clarity? Diamond Collection Inc has been dealing with this jewelry market since 1993. Our jewelry has detailed specifications and our diamonds are GIA and EGL Certified. So while purchasing all our customers should be comfortable about the products which they are buying.

Nothing is really more important for us than our customer’s happy faces. At Diamond Collection Inc we take a pledge to be unique and more elegant in our way and create more beautiful jewelry pieces and leave a trademark of simplicity and sophistication in this jewelry market. Our handcrafted pieces like a 14k Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet or a Round Diamond Wedding Ring.

Wedding rings generally circle because it indicates infinite companionship. This flamboyant ring is embedded with numerous glistening diamonds. The flower-like imprints enhance the charm and the aura of any woman. It is available in three colors ie. vibrant yellow gold, classic white gold and blushing rose gold.

 Round Diamond Wedding Ring

Modernization is not only seen in costume and style but also jewelry plays a very important part in this. If you are one of the uber chic and want to add a contemporary touch to your outfit then this minimalistic Halo Stud earring is best for you. This earring features a single solitaire in the center.

Round Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

Round Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

This sleek hoop earring gives a traditional and authentic impact on your attire. This ring features a simple diamond-studded design and the outer loop is engraved with twinkling round diamonds.

Sleek Diamond Hoop Earrings

Sleek Diamond Hoop Earrings

Tennis bracelets are lightweight enough to carry for every woman. Now give your wrist an unprecedented twist with this minimalistic drop-dead gorgeous tennis bracelet. The sparkling diamonds embedded on the 18k gold metal loop will make everyone drool-worthy.

What makes fine jewelry expensive?

Fine jewelry always comes with an elevated price because of the manufacturing cost. All the gemstones used are 100% certified and pure. Because fine jewelry is long-lasting so a one-time investment is worth it. Moreover, Gold, silver, or platinum is mixed with other alloy metals to make it sturdier.

What are good timeless fine jewelry choices?

Few easier steps to differentiate good timeless fine jewelry are:

Look for renowned hallmarks

Ask for a proper certificate to be double sure

Buy from trusted sources

Check the weight properly

Inspect the prongs

Why is 10k gold not acceptable for fine jewelry?

Some disadvantages of using 10k Gold in fine jewelry is:

Low purity level

Only 47.1% pure gold, accounts for less than half of the material

Makes the jewelry appeal dull

Lacks in vibrancy

10k gold can trigger metal allergies

How to travel with fine jewelry?

There are a few steps you should follow while traveling with fine jewelry:

Keep it in a mint tin with cotton balls

Carry wooden or any hard material jewelry boxes with foam cushioning

Carry drinking straws to save your necklaces from getting tangled

Carry ammonia solution, if needed to clear the jewelry

Keep the earrings in zip pouches to save it from exterior dust and fog 



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